History of Watercolour


Simon Hoe is an Irish watercolour artist based in Dublin, who gets his inspiration from the landscapes he loves, and paints them ‘en plein air’ in a variety of weathers! He finds that watercolour painting lends itself to a subtle blending of colours, deep to light tones, and the application of highlights. These qualities make it the perfect medium for a speedy response to Ireland’s changeable weather. He no longer sells originals – the sketch pads, complete with margin jottings, rain splashes and staining from long days in the sun form a diary of the best of days.


Watercolour Painting

Watercolour painting is one of the oldest painting methods across continents. It is considered difficult to master and can be practiced on various different surfaces i.e. paper, papyrus, china, plastic, leather, fabric and wood. Watercolour artists consider the watercolour as a “light” painting medium because of its transparency, ability to capture luminosity and offer a range equal to and often exceeding that of other mediums.


Watercolour in Ireland

By the end of 19th century watercolour painting had became extremely popular in Ireland. Since the establishment of The Watercolour Society of Ireland in 1870, members have made a valuable contribution to the history of Irish art and the promotion of watercolour tradition in Ireland.


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