1. For whom are the Killiney Arts ceramic tableware sets designed?

Our fine bone china ceramics are an ideal Irish gift or a souvenir for all of those with a love of art and the beauty of Irish nature.

Please see Killiney Arts collection here.

2. Where can Killiney Arts design ceramics & prints be delivered?

All of our tableware sets and designs can be delivered world-wide.

3. Are the Killiney Arts tableware pieces dishwasher proof?

Yes – all of the pieces and designs we provide are safe to be washed in a dishwasher.

4. Will the colours of Killiney Arts ceramics fade?

No – the colours on all of our ceramics are well applied and will stand the test of time.

5. Do the jugs in Killiney Arts design ranges drip?

No – the jugs in all of our ranges are well designed and optimal for practical use.

6. Can replacement pieces be supplied?

Yes – Killiney Arts can provide replacement pieces in all of our current ‘Coastal Studies’ and ‘Burren Images’ designs.

7. If Killiney Arts sends out an order and it arrives broken, what can we do about it?

You can email us the details of your delivery and the products purchased will be replaced.

8. Is the collection a fixed set of pieces?

No – here at Killiney Arts our artists, Simon Hoe and Blaithin Quinn, are continually developing new ideas for Irish ceramic & prints designs inspired by the beautiful nature of Ireland.

For more information on our new designs please sign up for updates here.

9. Where can I buy Killiney Arts Irish design ceramics offline?

Our tableware sets and designs are currently stocked by a variety of Irish retailers across the country. Please see the list of our stockists here.

10. Are Killiney Arts ceramics & prints available for wholesale purchase?

Yes – all Killiney Arts ceramics are available for wholesale purchase. Please see our Wholesale page for further details.